April 21 - 22, 2017

Chris & I celebrated our honeymoon in Europe for 2 weeks. We started in Iceland for 24 hours, which definitely wasn't enough time. Our travel buddies fell through which caused us to make a last minute change and we ended up spending a few days in Paris instead, before heading to Ireland and then Portugal. My parents, aunt, and uncle happened to be in Paris at the same time and it was actually cheaper to make the change than to stay in Iceland - which is BANANAS. Changing our plans ended up being the best thing that could have happened to us because we fell head over heels for Paris, and spending time with my parents & family in the most incredible city in the world made it 8 million times sweeter. And surreal AF. But this post is about Iceland, I digress.

The first thing everyone asks is whether or not we went to the Blue Lagoon. It was CLOSED! It would have been closed the whole week we were originally planning to stay - bad planning on my part. Chris & I had never been on an international flight, and we barely slept. I remember that the sky never got completely dark for the entire flight, and suddenly the sun was rising over Greenland and I got to see it all happen. That's the first photo below. 

By some miracle (our new international SIM cards didn't end up working, we thought all hope was lost, long story) 2+ hours after landing we were in this tiny box with wheels driving on route 1. We went to Hallgrímskirkja which is the largest church in Iceland, that also has an observation tower with the coolest view in the world. Across the street we ate breakfast at the Cafe Loki, because duh. We drove to the Sun Voyager which is a really rad sculpture on the waterfront. Our AirBNB host recommended a geothermal swimming pool that was locals only and one of the most anxiety-inducing events of the entire trip, but we tried something new & survived! Afterwards we did some shopping, walked/drove around as much as our bodies would let us, and somehow managed to pass on the fermented shark offered in every restaurant. 

I'd love to return someday, but would definitely need to go with friends (cough cough) because it's expen$$$ive and splitting an AirBNB/car/etc would make it feasible. Enjoy the photos!