I’m Clarke. I live in Portland, Oregon & am 28 years old.

I used to collect wedding magazines and National Geographic magazines because I found the images magical. I dreamt of one day photographing professionally and had a camera attached to me since I was maybe 13. My dream came true, sorta. I found a handful of people willing to pay me to capture their weddings or engagements, and I am still thankful for it. I had to take a step back and am glad I did. I decided to put this website up more than a year later, because I can’t stop photographing and want a place to share it. Photography means a lot to me, even though I don’t know any of the technical aspects and the only education I’ve had is a high school photoshop class that I don’t even utilize now. I feel most alive, most myself, when I have a camera in hand and am able to preserve moments forever. I am present in that moment - which I can’t say for any other aspect of my life.

I have never connected with the zodiac sign Leo, so this is my attempt. I’m a Leo Ascendant - your rising sign is supposed to be the face you present to the world. I hope by sharing this vulnerable side of me I can actually become a Leo Rising.